Emmanuelle Favereau, Thérapeute

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Who I am :

I graduated in bio-energy therapy, Surrender method, trained by Seymour Brussel and Dr. Rudolf Meyer.

I am also a certified relaxation therapist, trained in psycho-behavioral sophrology by the French School of Sophrotherapy.

I have practiced meditation for 26 years.

What I do (for non-French speakers):

I put my experience and skills at your service to help you in your personal development process, to fight against stress and its negative effects on physical and mental health. I can also assist you in alleviating the potential side effects of heavy medical treatments in boosting your immune system, relieve you from your pain ...

The methods I use are not, in any way, a substitute to traditional medicine. They complement and go with it.

I am held to professional secrecy.


Accompanied therapeutic relaxation


The Surrender Method is a manual therapy method based on bioenergy exchanges and the ebb and flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The application of the method releases fascia, tendons and muscles tension to allow each cell to regain or maintain its movement of equilibrium.

Application :

Above all gentle and soothing, the Surrender method synthesises and capture the essence of many other practices, often very old and used worldwide (reflexology, gentle cranial osteopathy, shiatsu, haptonomy ...). Working on the ability of our body to release its own tensions and circulate energy, the Surrender method triggers a natural sequence of mechanisms which provoke or accompany your healing process.


The breath of life is a subtle form of energy. Over the centuries, this breath of life was has been called different names by all humans in all cultures (light, prana, chi, the vital fluid, vital energy). So many designations and interpretations of the concept that a treaty would not be enough. It is important however, to consider the breath of life as the force flooding all the cells of the body. It is a real invisible energy circulatory system whose flow and junctions form a network throughout the anatomical body. These energy flows can be weakened or deteriorated, generating an imbalance leading an individual away from an ideal balance; therefore generating all psychosomatic or clinics diseases. The Surrender Method offers a therapeutic approach to malfunctions of the expression of the breath of life.


This method can be used to complement more conventional therapeutic practices. It is also a way of preventing states of health imbalance. There are no contra-indications as this method is used to encourage the implementation of your body powerful natural mechanisms of self-regulation and healing! It's your body that is working, guided by the therapist who is there only to trigger the processes that we all have in us, and allow us to regulate our biological mechanisms, to recover from a period of effort or stress, to heal after an injury or trauma.

A few of the many potential benefits of the Surrender Method:

- Stimulates immune defences and self-healing capabilities

- Improves cardiac coherence

- Significantly reduces stress

- Relieves tension and various pains (back, sciatica, osteoarthritis ....)

- Improves blood circulation

- Improves sleep difficulties

- Reduces significantly the side effects of cancer treatments

- Relieves digestive problems

- Relieves sinusitis, headaches

- Accelerates skin wounds and bone repair

- Significant reduces phantom pain in amputees

etc., etc.......

A session lasts approx. 45 minutes. You remain clothed. Preferably wear clothes in which you are comfortable.


I also practice energetic cleaning to release people and places of negative energy that can be attached to it and thus affect the quality of life.